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Just like a thrilling Vegas adventure! We're here to sprinkle some snack magic into your day!
Our puffcorn is whipped up in small magical batches to guarantee top-notch quality.
Each piece is blanketed in a luscious blend of buttery sweetness and salty goodness that will have you swooning. Next up, it gets baked to a golden crispy crunch. 
Whether you fancy party favor cones, party platters, or a puffcorn feast, we've got you covered. These treats also make fantastic gifts for clients or special surprises.


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Currently Available By Special Order Only 

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This scrumptious snack mix is a flavor explosion with pretzels, bugles, sunchips, Chex cereals, honeycomb, and our famous caramel puffs. 
It's a perfect blend of sweet, salty, and a hint of spice that will leave you craving for more!

Lovingly named after my dear uncle Jesus, aka "Chucho," the master of business wisdom, the ultimate cheerleader in my corner, always backing my every move. Though dearly missed, we strive to keep his legacy alive and make him beam with pride at our endeavors!


Please keep in mind that Las Vegas has 100+ degree weather all day every day during the summer months. (June-Sept)
Puff flavors that contain chocolate WILL melt! For this reason we don't typically offer them when vending at craft markets, or craft fairs.
But Strawberry Crunch and Cookies & Cream will be r
eadily available at our shop. Some of our retail partners may also carry them from time to time but do understand that they will probably melt as soon as you step out into the heat. But no need to worry just a few minutes in your fridge will firm the chocolate back up and they'll be ready to enjoy!
Just make sure to not leave them in too long as the moisture in your fridge can make the puffs a little chewy. Always store the puffs in a cool dry place.

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