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Q. What is Puffcorn?
A. Puffcorn or corn puffs are puffed or extruded corn snacks made with corn meal and baked. It's got the texture of a cheese puff and is very light and airy. If you've ever had the Pirate's Booty brand cheese puffs these are very similar but sweet and not cheesy. We then take these puffs and generously coat them in our secret recipe caramel and bake them until they're golden brown and extra crispy! 

Q. Are you the original creator of caramel puffs? 
A. We wish! While we'd love to take all the credit we must give credit where credit is due, we aren't 100% sure who exactly invented this delicious treat, but for this we are extremely thankful! The caramel puffcorn is called many different things throughout the country and our research shows that it's a very popular treat that people have been enjoying for decades in southern states. It's super famous in Texas where the company Buc-ee's that originated in the 80's made it popular when it launched it in its stores and called them Beaver Nuggets. There are now many choices of puffcorn on the market, but we are confident that our caramel and baking process makes a delicious puff that is one of the best you'll ever try! We've spent years perfecting them!

Q. Do you offer other flavors aside from the ones listed?
A. We do! We have flavors we offer all year round and certain ones that only come back in time for the holidays
If there's a specific type you're craving that's not currently in rotation send us a message and we will gladly make it for you! Also, if there's a flavor combo you think would be yummy let us know and we'll make it just for you!

Q. Why is puffcorn so much more expensive than caramel popcorn?
A. Because of its popularity, regular popcorn is very inexpensive and fairly quick to make. However, all the ingredients that go into making our caramel puffs are of the highest quality from the sweet cream butter to the quality of the vanilla extracts & flavorings that we use. Our process for making these is also very time-consuming. We produce it in small batches to guarantee that every time you bite into every sweet crunchy puff you'll not regret investing in such a decadent treat! As a matter a fact you'll wonder why you didn't purchase more! 

Q. Do you offer international shipping?
A. Because of shipping delays and higher shipping costs around the world we are currently only shipping within the United States. We also offer local delivery for a small fee on orders of $50 or more.

Q, Do you have a storefront or where else can I buy your puffcorn?
A. YES! Please come visit us inside the Fergusons Downtown on Fremont Street in Las Vegas!  Aside from buying from our shop and online, you can catch us at various popups and market events around the Las Vegas area.
To keep up with that info please be sure to follow our IG page. 

Q. Do you make the puffs in store?
A. Our shop is small and cozy so we prefer to make & package our puffs in a spacious fully licensed and insured commercial kitchen in Las Vegas NV

Q. I bought some puffs and after a few days they were chewy did they go bad?
A. No, they have not gone bad. Actually if you have managed to not eat them all in one sitting they will stay fresh for 3-4 weeks if stored properly in a cool dry place. We do not add any preservatives like some of the grocery store brands do, and so this makes the puffs sensitive to moisture. The puffs stay their freshest in the resealable pouch they are sold in and stored in a cool dry place. We also include a small food safe desiccant packet in the bag to help absorb any moisture and help keep the puffs fresh and crispy. Luckily in Las Vegas we have more hot and dry days than other states which makes it easy to keep our puffs at top crunchy levels! However, if the puffs are exposed to high humidity, they have the tendency to get a little on the chewy side but no worries we guarantee they'll still be just as yummy! 

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