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Although Sweet House no longer has a retail store with cake supplies our industry partner and good friends over at The Cake Industry Supply do! It's an exciting collaboration that will bring to Las Vegas a lot of new and innovative things and we can't wait to share more details with you. So please make sure to stay tuned for more details.

We're still at your service for 

Edible Image Printing

Cake Decorating Private and Group Classes

Retail Bakery and Cake Supply Business Consulting

If you need any information regarding images or classes please email us at

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Ever thought about entering a competition? As scary or intimidating as they sound they really aren't.

They actually can be very useful and beneficial to your growth as a sugar artist, not to mention the opportunity to network, meet other industry professionals and the chance to win great prizes and money!

As cake show season gets under way, we invite you to watch this great video full of useful information brought to you by the talented Julia Fedorova. She's an award winning sugar artist and instructor who is working hard to encourage culinary students and novice decorators to expand their horizons and grow in their craft by entering competitions. So please check out her informational video on youtube and be sure to follow her social media accounts to stay up to date on upcoming classes and competitions! 


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